Wellness in the Workplace

Forward thinking employers
called to act now.

In a world that seems to get faster and faster, employees rarely find the time to give their health and well being the focus it deserves. Unsupported, the workforce can often struggle to maintain optimum health as they juggle the commitments of modern life.

Predictably and without positive action, poor health leads to a decline in the performance of any organization at many levels.

In 2006, 175 million working days were lost through sickness absence in the UK 3.3% of total working time costing the economy 13.4bn, or 537 per employee.

The case for promoting Wellness In The Workplace is a strong one as you will see from the reports attached to this site.
Several business benefits can also be achieved that include improved productivity, reduced sickness and absence rates, improved staff engagement, workplace satisfaction, staff retention, improved profitability and a positive impact on brand.

We are now working with and attracting more forward-thinking companies that appreciate the substantial benefits of providing their staff with regular access to advice and support in creating a successful work life balance. The government are also in the process of launching significant incentives for people from all disciplines to embrace this message.

What we can offer the employer and their workforce.

We help management to establish one or more regular time slots each week, where staff have an opportunity to come together to ensure they are keeping themselves at optimum health. By creating a fun, informative and friendly atmosphere we help employees to make positive choices to improve their overall lifestyle.

Every attendee is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle.

Through consistent support, many of our members make decisions that lead to significant health benefits.
Additionally many clubs go on to raise the profile of their company or department in the community by raising funds for local charities.

Our parent company Herbalife is now the official Nutrition Sponsor of The London Triathlon. This has resulted in hundreds of club members choosing to challenge themselves and reach new heights in their desire to become healthy.

"I am staggered that whilst investing in employee health and well-being makes clear business sense, so many companies continue to overlook or underplay it."

Mike Bowden Company Secretary RWE N Power

wellness in the workplace

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