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Would you like an exciting new career in wellness, or a simple opportunity to create an additional income stream without giving up your present occupation?

We have excellent part time and full time opportunities available now. Most start part time.

Opportunity: Working as a Wellness Coach advising people in the Community and the Workplace on more intelligent diet and lifestyle choices. In addition you will also be trained on how to establish a variety of fun and exciting 12 week weight loss and team performance challenge competitions.
Location: National. Opportunity available in all regions.

The Opportunity.

To be your own boss, work your own hours, and decide your own income.

1. Working with clients one to one - providing advice and aftercare. Promote the 24 Fit Club Concept which is the following key points:

  • Eat Clean, structured balanced nutrition changing eating habits.
  • Exercise Program (Flexibility, Metabolic Workouts and Strength Training)
  • Tracking results using regular metabolic analysis / body composition testing so clients to stay motivated and  don't rely on the bathroom scales.
  • Ongoing coaching and support.
  • Setting challenges something to shoot for with an ending can help clients stay motivated. Some challenges have prizes attached to them :e.g. Level 10, Weight Loss, 24Fit
  • Having fun and socialising

How to motivate clients? They are having fun, socialising, seeing results and by focussing on challenges

2. Community Wellness Clubs - Providing a similar service to the above in a class environment. No previous experience is necessary. We provide full training and a mentoring program. Obviously, if you have a background in health, fitness advice, teaching, running classes, or a genuine passion to help people improve their health this will be an asset.  We are looking for motivated but caring individuals ready to begin a rewarding new career, working part or full time. We will help you establish and run Wellness Clubs and 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge Competitions.

For the Weight Loss Challenge, the concept you will be trained on is very simple. Each month your members will pay you 10 (39 for a 12 week course. Each week you monitor members results using a professional body composition scales and offer simple advice on better diet and lifestyle choices. To help members accelerate their results and allow you to increase your income, you will also have the opportunity to recommend some of the finest nutrition products in the world.

The challenge competitions create great fun and focus as we reward members that have achieved the greatest improvement over a 12 week period. There are literally hundreds of locations that you can create a Wellness Club or 12 week challenge and we are currently experiencing a huge demand for our services.

Company Wellness - We also launching a new service for businesses/organisations. Why? Work with forward thinking employers, that want to help their staff consider a more healthy lifestyle or simply establish clubs in your community.

If you are already in the Wellness sector and have classes or clubs established we will be happy to show you how you can increase your income by introducing your existing client base to these concepts and our market leading product range.

3. Sporty/Fitness Types? - Moving into sports diet in a bigger way from October, opportunity to work with individual athletes, sports clubs and health clubs. Campaigns are fronted by major names in sports . e.g.. Ronaldo

What's your current situation?

In a full time job - salary will only increase by 3% per annum for the foreseeable future? Looking for a second income part time?

In a full time job - with prospects for promotion i.e. salary can increase by 10% per annum every 3-5 years. But can be vulnerable to redundancy as become more expensive to employer in 30s and 40s. Frustrated with your current situation for whatever reason, you have been doing the same thing for ever and don't want to do the same for another 10-20 years. Motivated to put in 5-20 hours per week to change direction?

In a part time job - increasing numbers now working part time and looking for a second income? Looking for flexible working?

In the service sector, where you are paid by the hour, therefore your earning potential is limited by how many hours available in the week? Enjoy what you do, maybe working in the wellness/fitness sector already but not earning enough to make it your only source of income.

Not working - exploring all options

Change of direction

If looking for a 9 to 5 job, this is not for you. If looking for a change of direction and motivated to put in 5-20 hours available per week, alongside your current activities to get this started get in touch.

Your income potential is only limited by your own ambition. Each week we have literally hundreds of coaches changing lives. They earn anything from a few hundred pounds extra per month all the way up to many thousands per month. They will be happy to share their experiences with you at your next step which will be listening into one of our weekly webinars or attending one of our seminars.

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