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Phy André
“As a Wellness Coach I am committed to making people more aware of their lifestyle and nutritional choices and coaching them to improve their nutritional habits.

Wellness is about waking up every morning and having enough time, energy, and freedom to live the life you want.

Working within our community wellness club environments allows us to reach more people in our community’s and in the work place, coaching more and more people on how to achieve healthy lifestyles, helping them achieve their own personal wellness goals and how to optimise their health and well being for life.”
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Julie Carvalho
As a Personal Wellness Coach I can really impact people's lives with good nutritional advice and solutions. It is great to see results and I love meeting new people knowing that I can make a difference.
For me, personally , it is also about freedom; to work around the family, to choose how and when I work and to enjoy more financial security, to be able to live debt free and again that is something I can offer to other people. Wonderful!

Keith Dungait
I'm 31 and I make a living helping people in my local community to be healthy and allowing me to be in control of my life. My day to day work pattern is very simple and very easy promoting my local Wellness Clubs. These clubs are great, very time efficient and a social time focusing on the members diet and health, having fun and at the same time making money. Building a team of like minded coaches only helps spread the word locally, we are getting the North East healthier faster than ever.

My life and health have changed massively since being a personal wellness coach, by practicing what I preach, I have a healthy body, I never wake up tired, spend the day tired before going to bed tired any more! My body fat is down to 12.3% and at 31 a metabolic age of a 14 year old!

Life as a wellness coach couldn't be better.

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