Annette Furlong
Name : Annette Furlong
Background : Housewife with 4 children & 2 dogs !!
Age : 41
Country : Ireland

Started on products 5 years ago, lost 3 stone in 4 months and have maintained my weight ever since. Fantastic energy result. Feel fantastic.
Love the business, and the fact i can help other people feel as good as i feel.

Annette Furlong



17 years old

I first attended a wellness club 18 months ago in my local area. It was my mum who invited me to come with her, as she had been attending for a few weeks. She was starting to lose weight, but she
was also looking fantastic, and was very excited about the club. I was very reluctant to go, because I was a bit embarrassed, but my mum eventually persuaded me and I went. The wellness coach
in the club was incredibly helpful and explained a lot about food and nutrition and making the right choices. I had previously been having a macdonalds every day for my lunch at college. I started
the same nutritional program my mum was on, and it was great because we could do it together and support each other. I kept going back every week for my weigh in and body fat results. Every time I went I learnt something new about food, and what my body needs and doesn’t need. After 1 month I had reduced my body fat from 45% to 32%, had lost 1 inch from the top of each thigh and 1.5 inchs from my waist. I was learning how to make healthy food choices when I went shopping. Both my energy and focus through the day had improved dramatically. 8 months later I had reduced my dress size from a size 18 going on 20, to size 12 going on 14 and my body fat is at a healthy 27%. I have stuck to the nutritional program, and stick to my smoothie every morning, and still go back to the club to see my friends and help motivate other people to do the same as me. I have not been into a Macdonalds or a fast food place now for over 1 year and I feel great!


18months ago I had been working part time for the NHS in a Professional Leadership role. Although the role was part time, it was very stressful at times, and very often I found it difficult to ‘let go’ of work issues when not at work. This was effecting my family life. I found it hard to unwind, was not sleeping well, was overweight and suffering borderline high blood pressure. I was constantly tired, had multiple joint pains, and I used to find it difficult to walk for more than 10 minutes without pain. I had dermatitis on my hands for years and was constantly getting colds and other minor illnesses. I felt frumpy, unattractive and generally ‘down in the dumps’.
I have now lost 2 stone and my husband has lost 3 stone. My skin looks great and my energy has gone through the roof. I find the program real easy and having your own personal coach was a real bonus.
18 months later I have easily managed to maintain my weight and enjoy my food!


June Speirs

June Speirs

Hello, my name is June Speirs age 52 from Inverness, Scotland.

I have been working as a Wellness Coach now since Dec 2005 and I can’t imagine doing anything else.   The experience of being able to help other people I find is incredibly rewarding.

I started running my Herbalife business part time, while I was a part time skin care consultant on the Clinique counter in Inverness, and even though I enjoyed my job, I didn’t find the fulfillment there I was looking for. 
I have always loved people, and somehow always wanted to make a difference to people’s lives.  I got really focused in September last year to concentrate on building my Wellness Coach career and started to launch Community Wellness clubs in my local area.   I am at last in a satisfying and fulfilling career that I enjoy.

 I have a small club running at home on a Thursday night.  I also have a club running in the local NHS clinic.  In here I conduct wellness evaluations and have 1-1 with my clients and then book them into the club later that day.

The NHS office that has allowed me to use the room has also taken responsibility to distribute my Community Wellness Club promotional literature around all the local hospitals and doctors surgeries.

I am so excited about my future and helping as many people as I can achieve personal health and well being.

June Speirs
World Team

Zoe Holleran

“My name is Zoe Holleran, 26 years old, from Surbiton, Surrey. I have a 20month baby and I have always worked in the travel industry. After having my son in 2006 I was desperate to get back to work but failed to find anything suitable. Then I came across the opportunity to become a part time Wellness Coach and run my own Weight Loss and Wellness Club, which is very flexible and easy to do around my baby. I love being able to help people with their own goals and I have myself lost over 8lbs and 2 dress sizes and I feel great. I currently look after over 30 customers and I’m looking to forward to being of help more and more people.”

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