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Why participate in or form a Community Wellness Club?

Despite the best intentions of many organizations and individuals passionate about helping people, the UK and Ireland continues to slide dangerously towards ill health.
The Wellness Club meetings give their members the opportunity to receive regular guidance and inspiration from like minded people that have decided to make their health a priority. To meet the growing demand for support and information New Clubs are being launched all over the country

Itís a simple concept.

Each week under the guidance of a Personal Wellness Coach a group of like minded people meet to keep themselves focused on making better diet and lifestyle choices. By creating a fun, informative, and friendly atmosphere we aim to steer as many people as possible towards achieving optimum health.

Every attendee is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle.

Through consistent support, many of our members make decisions that lead to significant health benefits.
As well as benefits of developing new friendships that support each others aims all Clubs are asked to choose a local charities they wish to support.

Our parent company Herbalife is the sponsor of 45 sporting events. This has resulted in hundreds of club members choosing to challenge themselves and reach new heights in their desire to become healthy.

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Please call Alan on 01932 889236 for an informal chat or help at any time
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